About Decanter

There are so many questions about wine! Some are difficult and some are easy – but they are always interesting. Wine is an infinite subject with a passion that lasts a lifetime. You’ll never learn all there is to know! And that is exactly what makes it so fascinating.

The exciting world of wine is full of history, tradition, culture, geography, language, technology, chemistry – the list goes on! But it is first and foremost full of pleasure – with food, friends or your own thoughts.

When talking about wine, some people think about elitism, advanced terminology, arcane rules and people swirling glasses with a dead-serious look on their face. It should be the complete opposite! Wine is a drink that anyone can enjoy – just like milk or Coca Cola. Our own sense of taste is the most important instrument when enjoying wine. The authors of this blogs’ motto is simple; If the wine tastes great, it is great! But a little extra knowledge never hurts – The more we know about the wine we are drinking, the greater the experience.

The Decanter blog is dedicated to all the questions that we have asked ourselves and our friends about wine. We hope it will answer some of yours and that it will help you enjoy the wonderful world of wine even more.


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